Easy Airstream Upgrades to Try Out

If you’re an enthusiastic camper, life in the airstream is probably something you’re used to. But you have to ensure you have a relaxing time while spending your holidays away from home.

Many people upgrade their airstream with some great and easy modifications. And we’re going to tell you about a few of those for you to try out.

1. Flooring Replacement

The flooring in the airstream is one important thing that needs a complete replacement for more comfort. Look out for really durable rubberized material that can’t get damaged easily. And you should definitely consider replacing the existing wiring system with the new one.

2. Upgrade the Lights

The lights have a unique way of adding some sense of modernity and style into your Airstream.  You can replace the light fixtures in your airstream with something that looks classy and elegant.

You can easily find them in an RV supply store. This project is an easy DIY, but you can also get an experienced electrician to do the job. You’ll love the illumination that these lights will bring into your space.

3. Transform the Walls with Beautiful Wallpaper

If wallpapers are your thing, then you can try wallpapering the walls of your Airstream. Although not many people consider this part of their airstream customization, it certainly adds a whole lot of style and sophistication to your stand-out structure. You can go with stylish patterns or something more simplistic. The choice is all yours.

4. Replace the Windows

The windows are not just for letting the light in. They are also crucial for allowing some fresh air in. Even though you can’t open Airstream windows, they are still important because they allow cross-ventilation to prevent your camper from getting stuffy on hot summer nights.

Replacing the windows with new ones adds more insulation and helps maintain the temperature inside your camper.

If you do this, your camper will be a lot cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter. You can even make your windows bigger to enjoy a better view while driving across beautiful scenery.

5. Add an A/C Unit

If air conditioning is not already included as part of your Airstream unit, then it’s high time to add one on before next summer rolls around. Not only will this help you avoid getting sweaty on those hot days, but it will also save energy and prolong the lifespan of your unit.

6. Install a Solar Power System

If you want to be truly independent and self-sustaining on all fronts, look into solar power systems for your camper.

There are several types of solar power systems out there. You can purchase a single panel for your Airstream unit, or you can install one on the roof of your camper, so it charges while driving around town.

Solar panels are easy to mount inside of your RV. They are typically placed where the sun will have the most impact, typically on your unit’s roof. The panels are light and easy to attach, but be sure it is properly grounded so you will not run into problems with electrical currents.