Talic’s Wonderful Boat and Kayak Storage Units

The outdoor lifestyle is proudly sponsored by kayaking, canoeing, and all forms of water sports.  With outdoor fun comes water vessel such as boats and kayaks. When you own glamorous canoes, kayaks, or boats, keeping them safe ensures they will last for long when they are not in use. I have found the best way to do this using high-quality storage hardware from Talic. The hardware is mounted on the wall to support your boat during storage.

Talic was born almost two decades ago out of necessity. In 1999, Tim Tucker, the founder of Talic, wanted to store his three beautiful kayaks away from the floor to create room for the family car. Since he could find a boat rack from existing shops, he decided to create something that could fit this purpose. So one weekend, he crafted a homemade kayak storage rack. From that day, the one weekend’s job transformed into a family’s business.

Talic Kayak Condo XL

Talic Kayak Condo XL  is a revolutionary kayak and boat storage system stemming from the previous Talic’s Classic System. However, the new storage unit has been remodeled to carry boats of different sizes and shapes.

This unit was made with great consideration for safety and security. It has 2-inch wide webbing wraps that will keep your boat suspended and not bump into the hardware or wall.

Though the design principle of all kayak tilts is the same, Tilt XL uses sturdy steel hardware coupled with Baltic Birch and Southern Yellow Pine Verticals. The unit is mountable on any wall using its foldable wall brackets, which also saves on space when they are not in use. The brackets measure 17″ tall by 18″ deep when they are not in use. On the flip side, when they are in use, they measure 21″ tall by 6.5″ deep.

Talic Canoe Roost

This is a special canoe storage system with limitless features. The system has a premium 2″ wide soft and thick webbing strap to levitate the boat above hard surfaces. It has arms that you can mount on interior walls using studs. To do this, use the self-explanatory mounting chart that comes with the unit.

Its arms can extend up to 38.5″ when in use or be folded to a 38″ tall by 3.5″ deep structure. When storing your boats in the unit, stick to using the recommended size of a boat that weighs less than 100 pounds. This also includes boats that are less than 40 inches wide.

Talic Canoe Roost is made of tough stainless steel for mounting, Birchwoods, and yellow pine. But if you are planning to install the unit on a wall, purchase a Masonry Wall Mounting Kit.

Woodlands Starter Kit 

Woodlands Starter Kit is a storage unit capable of holding two boats or five 60″ puddles. It holds shallow boats about 12″ deep at the gunwale. It has two rails attached to the wall with sturdy studs. The studs hold everything in place. Furthermore, it has accessory brackets that can hold bikes and fly roads or, let say, anything you need for an accomplished outdoor life.