Shelton Haynes and MTA Unveil OMNY: Elevating Roosevelt Island Tramway Experience

Transforming Transit with Innovation

Shelton J. Haynes, the accomplished President & CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), has teamed up with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to introduce a groundbreaking enhancement to the Roosevelt Island Tramway experience: the OMNY system. This innovative technology marks a significant step in revolutionizing how residents and tourists traverse the iconic tramway.

By collaborating with the MTA to bring the OMNY system to the Roosevelt Island Tramway, Haynes demonstrates his dedication to fostering modernization and convenience in transit. This visionary approach underscores his commitment to enhancing the overall quality of life for the island’s community.

Shelton Haynes Embracing Contactless Travel

Shelton Haynes‘ partnership with the MTA to launch OMNY on the Roosevelt Island Tramway exemplifies his foresight in adapting advanced solutions to transportation challenges. With the OMNY system, commuters can bid farewell to cumbersome MetroCards and welcome a seamless travel experience through contactless payment methods like smartphones and cards.

As RIOC’s President & CEO, Haynes continuously champions technology integration to enhance the island’s infrastructure and services. By embracing contactless travel with OMNY, he’s ensuring that Roosevelt Island remains a progressive model of urban living where transit is effortless and enjoyable.

RIOC Pioneering a New Commuting

Shelton Haynes’ partnership with the MTA to introduce the OMNY system to the Roosevelt Island Tramway symbolizes his commitment to shaping the island’s future through innovation. This collaborative initiative paves the way for a more efficient and user-friendly transit experience, aligning perfectly with Haynes’ vision for a thriving and modern Roosevelt Island.

As OMNY transforms the Roosevelt Island Tramway into a beacon of streamlined travel, Haynes’ dedication to embracing cutting-edge solutions ensures that residents and visitors can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable commute. This pioneering step signifies the island’s readiness to embrace new technologies and make transportation a cornerstone of its dynamic urban landscape.