How Gennady Podolsky Stays Motivated In Work and Life.

There are few things in life more exciting than traveling the world. From taking in the sights to making memories that will last forever, the proper vacation can make all the difference. Gennady Podolsky is a travel expert and world-renowned logistics specialist. Specializing in problem-solving and travel writing, Gennady Podolsky has created a unique ecosystem in which he does all his work and creations.

Podolsky first began his foray into the traveling world when he was attending Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. At this time, Podolsky aimed to employ technology and travel applications to better fuel travel, toeing the line between technology and traveling as we used to understand it.

Contributing years of his work to WikiMiles and sites like it, Podolsky took time to outline some of the ways he has found such enduring success over the years.

Let’s leap into Gennady Podolsky’s shoes to examine what makes the professional tick closely.

Beginning With the Clients

In a service-based industry, you can make all the plans in the world,d but clients will ultimately dictate how the process unfolds. Gennady Podolsky says, “You can plan everything you want, but client needs always drive schedules.”

Podolsky starts by understanding that his clients control their daily outcomes to maintain a prosperous balance between work and life. Podolsky says, “I have to remain flexible and be immediately available to assist clients promptly.”

Podolsky added that disruptions and emergencies must always take precedence in travel. Podolsky stated, “Only after those needs are met can I focus on other daily tasks.”

Throughout his working life, Podolsky remains engaged and focused on ensuring that the needs of his clients are always met.

Looking to Technology

Gennady Podolsky wouldn’t be the writer or travel expert that he is today if it were not for the technology that has gotten him there. Podolsky stated, “I am a big believer in technology and science and its potential to make our lives better, more streamlined, and generally more positive.”

To make the most out of technology today, Podolsky likes to connect with his clients and teammates for meetings to collaborate and find solutions. Podolsky integrates technology into much of what he does throughout his daily life. Podolsky suggests that artificial intelligence may one day even play a role in his job, “I think that AI Has the potential to revolutionize our world.”

While remaining engaged with his clients and utilizing technology, Podolsky also likes to listen to podcasts and science news. Podolsky adds, “I find (these) most uplifting.”