9 Outdoor Activities For Couples To Do Over Summer

The summer sunshine is an ideal time for you and your partner to explore the outdoors and enjoy exciting activities together. Such adventurous excursions are not only enjoyable experiences to share with one another but they can also encourage travel, support health and fitness, and even lead to the discovery of new shared hobbies.

With this wonderful potential in mind, we’re sharing 9 outdoor activities for couples to do over summer, those that will have you eager to get up and outside each day.

Wild Swimming

Few states are without their fair share of wonderful bodies of water, even if it is solely a local lake. This ubiquity, as well as the low-impact physical requirements of swimming, makes a wild dip in nature one of the most accessible outdoor activities, one that is especially enjoyed on days with high temperatures.


Gaining popularity in recent years, foraging has become a widely enjoyed activity by both outdoorsy individuals and cooking enthusiasts alike. Promising that you’re safe in your practice, foraging opens a world of flavors and recipes and can even help to reduce your food bill.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent way to explore some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes, gaining not only the expertise of various terrains but perspectives of the landscape that few others experience. Additionally, it’s also a superb practice for physical fitness.


If you and your partner are interested in puzzles but want to simultaneously enjoy the outdoors, then geocaching might be for you. With puzzles and communities found across the globe, it is easy to see why this activity has quickly become one of the most popular and widely cherished reasons for adventure.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Whether you simply want to enjoy finding tranquility upon the water or you’d like to paddle your way to hidden locations for private picnics and swims, stand-up paddleboarding is a superb outdoor activity for couples. Promising you pack properly and remain in tune with the water, you will soon find yourself able to explore entirely new locations.

Rock Hunting

The search for rare minerals and fossils is becoming more widely enjoyed, especially since many find themselves uncovering valuable treasures in the process. Since little is needed other than an optional camera and notebook, as well as perhaps a hammer and chisel, rock hunting is very easy to begin.


Many couples will already make yoga part of their daily routine but fewer will reap the benefits of enjoying their sessions outdoors. Be sure to look out for tranquil spots that you and your partner can enjoy outdoors.


Without the equipment for scuba-diving, freedivers are able to explore deep waters in the same way. However, unshackled of the costs, freediving enthusiasts have the ability to more readily explore their local waters and enjoy the hidden depths of the aquatic world.


Celebrated for its low carbon footprint and physical benefits, cycling is a superb activity for couples to enjoy, especially since it can also be combined with other activities too, opening the door to a greater number of locations for wild swimming, hiking, and even camping.