9 Fun Outdoor Activities You Should Try in 2023

Getting outdoors and keeping active brings a number of rewards, offering individuals the ability to explore landscapes, improve their fitness, find exciting experiences, and embrace a sense of wellness. While some are content to take a short stroll through the park, others will want an activity, an endeavour that will not only give them a reason to go outdoors but make it a regular habit too.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, then here are nine of the best outdoor activities you should try in 2023.


Starting off with one of the most well-celebrated outdoor activities, hiking is a wonderful hobby to pick up not only because it is open and accessible to most people but because it also enables individuals and groups into fantastic environments, helping them to learn about local areas and even explore further afield.

Rock Climbing

For those looking to test their strength and challenge themselves to overcome natural barriers, rock climbing can be a great deal of fun. Since most will want to start out safely, learning the ropes, it is best to join a local group, which is why climbing is also considered a great social activity.


If you’ve ever spotted something out of place or perhaps seen someone solving a puzzle on the side of the road then you may have witnessed geocaching. This worldwide puzzle-solving activity gives participants a real-life adventure, with fascinating puzzles, social gatherings, and an excuse to visit new places.


Being able to travel across water, whether to explore a lake or reach a hidden beach, is an amazing experience, one that paddleboarding offers. It is easy to get started and, after even a short session, many find themselves eager to return to the water.


Having grown massively in popularity over the previous years, foraging and mushroom hunting are now being celebrated for the joy it brings. In addition to opening up a world of new ingredients, it also builds a relationship with nature that many find to be fulfilling and beneficial to their well-being. Just remember to only eat what you can identify!


For those that want to be outdoors but aren’t as interested in high-octane efforts, fishing might just be the answer. This relaxing activity can be social or solo and is surprisingly exciting, especially when a record-breaking fish is caught.

Quad Biking

Imagine traversing open landscapes in an all-terrain vehicle of your own. Quad Biking offers that excitement, which is why more groups across Australia are taking to hiring or buying vehicles that allow them to experience high-speed thrills.


The land, however, isn’t the chosen environment of everybody and some prefer to take to the sky. Paragliding is becoming more popular among outdoor enthusiasts as it offers not only a great vantage of the world but also an eco-friendly way of taking to the sky.

Whitewater Rafting

And, finally, for those who want to find their thrills on the water, rafting may just be the answer. There are a growing number of opportunities across the country, offering the chance for individuals and groups to experience the wild rapids of rivers, testing their confidence and composure against the elements.

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